by Don Ngetich , Nairobi

by Don Ngetich , Nairobi

I Am More Than Gay

04 Jan, 2019

by Don Ngetich , Nairobi

Apart from being born and raised up here in Kenya, I have done a lot of great things to help in building up my country. I am a high school teacher, a parent, an entrepreneur, a rights activist, a law maker, a voter, a good neighbor to many people, a police officer, a judge, a lawyer, a doctor, a role model to many, was once a student, and anything good that all human beings can be. Besides that, I abide the law, I always pay my taxes on time and guess what? I RESPECT OTHER PEOPLE’S RIGHTS! But, the moment that I will announce that I’m GAY, all the love some people had for me will turn to so much hate…why? Simply because of my sexuality. Sounds funny, right? But that's the reality here.

Where does this hatred arise from? You may wonder.

We are all humans. We all breathe in oxygen, we all share the same blood and bleed the same blood, we all have feelings, moods…yes, and we are normal people so we all have good and bad moods. But the moment you hear that I am gay or lesbian, you will label me an outcast.

No Valid Justification

And since you lack valid reasons to reprove me, you and even the ones who are not religious or are sinners will seek to use religion for justifications. You will quote several verses or pages but will close your eyes once you are on the verse or book that advocates for love, peace and unity of all people no matter what type of people they are. So ironical, isn’t that ?

Why label me an outcast when I have not violated any of your rights or anyone’s rights? There are many real law breakers out there namely murderers, drug traffickers, thieves, corrupt officials, an rapists who are roaming free but you still turn a blind eye on them and call someone queer.

Here in Africa, a continent deemed to be the cradle of mankind, you will find a brainwashed commoner dressed like westerners, eat like westerners, listen to their good music, watch their good movies, and copy all the good stuff but wait till they hear something concerning one’s sexuality and they will shout at the top of their voice that we should not embrace the western culture but instead stick to the traditional African culture which embraces polygamy, wife-inheritance, female circumcision and other bad stuff.

Different Sexual Preferences

What you do not know is that we were born this way and it’s not one’s fault. You of all creatures should understand that we all have different sexual preferences and gender identities. Mine may not look pleasing to you, same case yours don’t look that good to me but shouldn’t we respect each other’s preferences?

We are all humans and we feel bad when our rights are violated. So please stop all these hatred. Let us not simply judge a person based on his or her sexuality. My sexual preference is not a disease that you can catch when you’re seated next to me or when you speak to me. We all have different sexual preferences but deep inside, we are the same, we are all human and we will continue spreading our love and kindness everywhere we go.

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