by Eugenia Tovar, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

by Eugenia Tovar, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Tiziana, the youngest trans girl to obtain a DNI change in Salta, Argentina is making headlines in all over the world.

15 Jan, 2019

by Eugenia Tovar, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Tiziana was born a boy. According to her mum, she was a ‘’sad little person, who hated to cut his hair, but now she is a full girl, she’s beautiful and she’s a happy baby’’.

But Tiziana wasn’t always referred to as Tiziana. This month, Tiziana became the first girl of the year to receive her new DNI (Argentinian National ID card) with her new identity. This all happened two years after Tiziana had the courage to speak out and tell her parents about her self-image and how she perceived herself...not as a boy, but as a girl.

Tiziana’s gender identity was questioned throughout her transition. From other family members to friends, to her school, Tiziana had to spend hours and hours talking to people about her decision to become a girl.

And she wasn’t alone, as her parents are always with her and supporting her new life and journey. Tiziana asked the authorities of the Civil Registry of Salta for a new National Identity Document (DNI) and surprisingly enough, she obtained her new ID in less than a day, as there is a law that speaks out in favour of gender identity issues, one of the most progressive laws in Argentina nowadays.

The Gender Identity Law seeks that a person can fully develop according to how they self-perceive and stressed the accompaniment of the family. According to some authorities, Tiziana’s case is the first one in Salta where a person younger than 13 changes gender, so it was absolutely necessary to have her parents consent for this big decision, alongside the counselor of her lawyer.

And even though the process was easy for her, at some points her family was really worried about the whole situation. But at the end of the day, they decided to follow their hearts and granted Tiziana’s wish to become a girl.

Tiziana would wake up every single morning and tell her parents that she dreamt of being a girl, and this is so important because it not only emphasizes her issues in regards to how she self-perceived but also because she took the courage to talk to her parents about how she was feeling at all times.

Tiziana proved to the world, and especially to her parents and family members, that if a person is loved then it doesn’t matter her sexual orientation or gender identification. It is a known fact that the socialization of identity is one of the most difficult things for any transgender individual (or even members from the LGBTi community), as sometimes individuals are afraid of the consequences their decisions can have or perhaps they are scared of expressing themselves as they are aware that some type of danger is palpable.

A video explaining Tiziana’s choice was released this month, in it, her dad spoke candidly about his daughter and he had a tough time coming to terms with her decision he was there for her and will always be by her side. If only all parents were like this, according to some reports only in Salta there are 574 gender identity changes that have been registered and 8 of them are minors.