LGBT's most famous polemic in Belarus

22 Jan, 2019
Tremendous positive changes have over the years been observed in human life. We are living at a time where everyone needs the freedom to do things without any restrictions and bring out an expression of who they want to be. It is of concern therefore that some countries curtail its citizens this freedom. For example, you can be rejected or even killed if you belong to a homosexual group.

However, this freedom is enjoyed most by Eastern European countries. This is unlike the case in some countries such as Belarus where being a gay or lesbian is untenable. It is comparable to someone in prison, and you should never let one know you are a homosexual. There is a case of a young man named Vlad who was beaten almost to death just for being gay. Afterward, he was admitted to the hospital where he spent over a year where he finally died on 27th October 2015 due to the doctor's negligence.
Vlad was a hardworking and ambitious young man who was passionate in the design and construction of cottages. He had an excellent relationship with his family and friends, and he loved them so much. Her sister cherished her as a godfather of her children and was a loving son to his mother. He was such a loving man that few days before his demise, he had persuaded her mother to quit her job so that she could go for a trip and rest.
Vlad had never told anyone in his family that he was gay. However, some few people knew about it.
The incident happened to him on one of the streets near a club where they had a party with his gay partners. This came as a result of a young woman who was rejected in the party by the homosexuals. She came out telling the drunken men outside the club of how the gays had rejected her. Upon leaving the party, they got insults from drunken men, and Vlad was angry with them. He went ahead attacking them and one of the drunk men called Anton beat him thoroughly till he fell. His friends tried to rescue him finally but were attacked too.
Upon realization by Anton and his friends that he was seriously injured, they escaped from the vicinity. Luckily enough, one of Vlad's friends managed to get hold of him and called the police.
Vlad was seriously injured on the head, and he suffered hematoma. Doctors had to operate and remove some part of the brain to rescue him. His condition worsened as days went by since he couldn't eat nor speak but could only react through eyelid movements. He finally succumbed to death.
Anton was finally arrested and prosecuted in a court of law. He was charged with inflicting grievous bodily harm and moral damage. He was therefore sentenced to an imprisonment of two years and eight months with serving in a penal colony. He was also asked to pay twelve US dollars to compensate for moral damage. The court took into account the state of alcoholic intoxication rather than basing it on the discrimination against homosexuality. The case was finally abandoned, and the culprit was released from prison eleven months after his arrest.