Being gay in the Chechen Republic

22 Jan, 2019
The people of Chechen Republic are so rooted in their traditional beliefs and customs concerning sex and marriage that it becomes hard for people with a different culture to live there. People can be killed for following a different sexual way of life.

The citizens of the Chechen Republic are Islam and are rooted in their beliefs and customs and more the sexual way of life. They believe in abstinence from sex by the youths till marriage. For instance, it is a taboo for a girl to break her virginity before being wed.
Moreover, the LGBT community follows the same beliefs and customs. It happens that if one of the family members is found to be a homosexual, he negatively affects the reputation of the rest of the family members. This would adversely lower the social status and the future of family members. The relatives may lose jobs and fail to find a decent one or someone will fail to find a marriage partner. Therefore, people who do not follow the culture will have to live in fear and introversion.
A story is told of a man named Alison who was a victim of homosexuality. His daughter-in-law revealed his act of homosexuality. He had, therefore, to disappear from home for his safety and avoid shame. Though he misses his family so much, he is in a dilemma between being ashamed or loving his man.
The relevance of him being a gay was accidental. He had lent his sister-in-law his phone who found out the truth of the matter through the texts messages she found in his phone. She then informed the relatives who took his property including all documents, passport, and the phone. He was then locked in a room for a month until his boyfriend came to his refuge through a planned deal. They then went to Moscow.
Alison loved boys since his childhood, and at 16, he had his first relationship though it faded away so fast. He went ahead searching a couple on social media. However, they were not serious and wanted short-term relationships. To his pleasure, he finally met his man who has been together for three years now. They are happy together though they live in fear and are always hiding and have hidden dates too.
Alison loves his family so much that he keeps on thinking about them now and then. He misses them so much, but he is always afraid of his brother who must be looking after him to kill. He has to look for money to sustain him, and he does this in the morning or evening to avoid eye contact with the people. However, someday he was noticed by a cop and had to run away.

Furthermore, Alison narrates that the Chechen Republic is trying to eliminate all gays in the city. If one of them is found he is made to reveal the rest. Others are simply caught and subjected to torture in a confined and restricted area. It is this at this point that most of them disappear forever and no family member tries to find them to clear the shame.

Alison had been loyal to all the traditions and customs of the Koran, and he usually prayed. He nevertheless came to realize that he could no longer lead a double life and this made him succumb to constant fear and stress. By revealing this, he showed the real definition of who he was. He was therefore haunted for ruining the reputation of his family and is afraid of bringing shame to her niece whom he had wanted to show her love as an uncle.
Alison's mum was so depressed that she didn't believe her son could be gay. She never imagined that he would miss the way having brought him in church. Before he finally left, she had wanted him to be taken to Grozny for the evil spirits to be expelled. She believed that an evil spirit possessed her son and taking him to Grozny would restore him to normal, that is, the way she expected him to be. He would then be given a bride to marry. The bride was finally brought to him, but he rejected to marry her. His brother got angry and wanted to take him to Grozny to be killed by other people. However, he managed to evade the trap and escaped.
Alison's story is just one example among the many of the discrimination given to the homosexuals. Many homosexuals including men and women are emigrating due to fear of being killed in their countries. The love of a mother may make her accept them but not any other member of the family. All they want is to put them down. They will, however, go hiding in apartments as they wait to leave the country with the aim of a starting a new life. Alison is now frustrated in Russia as he does not know if he will be able to leave and live on. His dream being to legalize the relationship with his boyfriend and be sure to adopt a child.