Angola becomes first country to decriminalize Same-Sex Activities in 2019

26 Jan, 2019
Angola, which is officially referred to as the Republic of Angola, is one of the west coast countries in Southern Central Africa. Our members from this country started the year very well with The African country’s parliament replacing the colonial-era penal code with a new law; The Angola legislators finally made a good decision and DECRIMINALIZED GAY SEX! And, therefore, become the first country to decriminalize same-sex activities in 2019!

It was on Wednesday (23 January, 2019) when the Southern Central Africa country made it to the news to become the first country to decriminalize gay sex this year.

After some lengthy discussion and televised parliament debates, the country’s lawmakers finally implemented a bill to overhaul the Southwestern African country’s unconstitutional 1886 penal code which had criminalized gay sex. The parliamentarians dropped a ‘vice against nature’ provision which had been historically used to prosecute the country’s homosexuals.

Some other good news is that the new code also bans discrimination based on sexual orientation in employment.

During the vote, the law was passed with a record 155 votes in favor, one against, and seven abstentions. The country ruling party also announced that the new code was ‘genuinely Angolan.’

Previously, there has been a problem of discrimination and stigma in the country. Also, there was no legal recognition of same sex marriages and couples.

Las year (2018), our LGBT members in Angola also celebrated a major win after the government legally recognized one of the LGBT rights group based there. The group is known as Iris Angola.

Decriminalizing same- sex Activities in 2019 Worldwide

Around 70 countries worldwide are still criminalizing same-sex activities in 2019.
Last year saw landmark decriminalization of gay sex in India and Trinidad and Tobago.

India’s Supreme Court also ruled that the anti-gay British-era penal code, similar to Angola’s, was unconstitutional

Millions of our LGBT community members in India celebrated.

Lawmakers in Lebanon and Tunisia are currently considering ending anti-gay laws.

Meanwhile, there are proceeding court challenges in Singapore, Jamaica, and Kenya and hopefully these cases may lead to decriminalization of gay sex in these countries this year