by Eugenia Tovar, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

by Eugenia Tovar, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2019 and feminists are at war in Argentina:

15 Feb, 2019

by Eugenia Tovar, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Feministas Radicales - a collective of Feminists in Argentina- want the Movimiento de Mujeres and the Movimiento Feminista -another two collectives- to step back and remove the words ‘’Transvestite’’ and ‘’Trans’’ from the list that calls for the Women's Stoppage and the Women's Plurinational Annual Meeting.

They also want something else: they want people and groups to stop pretending and to stop calling themselves ‘’Trans Women’’. The rationale behind this is that they think that Trans women are not women at all, in fact, they believe that trans women "are men, socialized as such" and that both the ‘’Paro y Encuentro’’ - which is a national annual gathering- must take place without the participation of men, even if they have now become trans women.

The first thing that must be taken into consideration is the fact that this is an old discussion that was already settled and that most collectives fought against it.

Secondly, it is 2019 after all, so instead of having all collectives work together towards the same goal - that is to have an equal society where we are all free of judgements - collectives that supposedly represent minorities are fighting against each other for conflicting reasons and values.

Thirdly, Trans and transvestites have appeared in the annual meeting of ‘’Paro y Encuentro’’ since a couple of years ago, where the process of self-construction started, alongside the process of building up strong ties with other activists groups’ that were looking for a transformation of social, economic and political relationships in Argentina, in order to achieve - among, of course other important issues - a respect in terms of equality, sovereignty and autonomy of one’s body and respect from the member of the governments to the individuals that form these collectives.

And lastly, one of the most important reasons behind the creation of collectives is that there is a need or a longing of creating both solidarity and empathy towards a current situation or problem, therefore there is a common struggle against an oppressive patriarchal system that is always looking at ways in which it can undermine the importance of these collectives, but also the little value it gives to individuals and thus it only and personal ways of looking and living their lives. This is why being a woman, a man, a transvestite, bisexual, trans, gender-fluid, non-gender, or any other member of the LGBTI community should fight with each other but against the hardness of others, usually, those who are in power.

The constant discursive attacks of the Radical Feminists against the participation of transvestites and trans in common spaces with women and feminists based on biologistic bases is something that needs to have a serious discussion. According to parameters of race, gender and sexuality, this is definitely discrimination against a group of individuals who also must have the same rights as others, regardless of their sex, sexual desires, gender relations or even political or religious thoughts or practices.

So, what is truly happening with this ‘’separation’’ is that some feminists are stigmatizing trans and transwomen (even more than what they already were), and are segregating the transvestite, the non-woman, that other person who was born without female genitalia, and it is something that will always be wrong, especially in 2019, when collectives and minorities alike are furiously fighting for their rights to be given.