by Alex Smith, New Jersey. U.S.

by Alex Smith, New Jersey. U.S.

Incest And This Millennial

05 Mar, 2019

by Alex Smith, New Jersey. U.S.

According to statistics, some of the most searched keywords on major porn websites are incest related; this is evidence that more and more people are interested in watching siblings have sex with each other or parents have sex with their child. The big questions remain; " is incest not frowned upon by the society? ", "is it now legal?".

It is no longer news that incest is the fastest growing porn trend. It is mostly staged just like most porns, so most incest porn is, of course, acting and they don't involve intercourse between actual nuclear family members, it is also referred to as "fauxcest." But what prompts the rise of incest porn viewers? Is incest now less repulsive? Or is fauxcest just viewed out of curiosity?.

The Hypocrisy of Human

Despite the rise in the streaming of incest porn, when you mention incest, people react with irritation and disgust. Isn't it hypocritical? Till date, incest is frowned upon by the society and regarded to as a taboo by most cultures, in some countries it is criminal.
Isn't it funny how in some part of the world you could go to jail for having consensual sex with your siblings yet the whole internet traffic is buzzing with streamers watching fauxcest porn?.

One of the most popular TV series Game of Thrones featured an incestuous relationship between Jaime Lannister and Cersei Lannister, fans of the series were less repulsive of their relationship; instead, it became an intriguing affair. If the art of incest is acceptable why is the act still frowned upon?

The Sudden Rise

You certainly know what incest is, you probably would have watched incest porn, or even masturbated to it. It could also be your favorite porn genre; there nothing to be ashamed of; there are millions of others just like you. Incest porn has witnessed a steady rise in the industry. There is an increase in its demand and boost in sales. Fauxcest is not new to the porn industry; it rose to prominence in the ’80s with the successful release of an incest series.

Jeff Dillon, the vice president of GameLink, believes that, despite incest having historical precedent, adult studio Forbidden Fruits Films is responsible for reigniting the genre and after Forbidden Fruits Films success, other studio joined in the trend.
The Current Situation

Incest between siblings is a little bit more socially acceptable than incest between a parent and child. As it stands incest have not enjoyed the social acceptability that the LGBT community is experiencing, but it has improved over the centuries, it is more tolerable now than in the 19th century.

It is an indisputable fact that many people watch incest theme porn, this means many family members have incest fantasies in their mind, but only families members who have created a bound can experiment incest. If you are incestuous you have the right to live your life normally, your life is one, so don't waste it being tied down by other people's opinion.

The big question here is, what distinguishes good or bad? The difference between right and wrong is relative. Others peoples opinion should not define what is right and what is wrong. Don't deny yourself what you want, as long as you are not causing harm to anybody.
Although having a child out of an incestuous relationship has a genetic risk, this shouldn't stop two adults from enjoying a mutually consented sexual relationship. People blow the risk of genetic defects out of proportion; sex is not all about procreation and thanks to contraceptives, you can now enjoy a sexual relationship with a family member without conceiving.

Why should sex between consenting adults be illegal? It makes no sense why two consenting adults should be denied the liberty of expressing their love for each other. People shy away from incest because of religion, personal disgust and culture, this shouldn't stop others who don't feel repulsive about it from doing it. Marriage should be a Union of two consenting adults irrespective of their gender, relationship with each other, race, religion and ethnicity.

Currently, there are people out there who share a sexual bond or even in a happy and healthy relationship with close relatives. Is it right to deny them the joy and fulfillment that they derive? Hating someone for falling in love should be a crime, not incest.

There are a lot of ancient traditions that accept incest; an example is ancient Egypt, especially among royals. Somewhere in South-Asia among the Balinese, twins are married to each other, because they believed they already shared a sexual relationship in the womb, although it's not clear if the Balinese still keep to this culture. The twins are separated as children and will reunite as adults to get married.

As it stands, the world still frowns at incestuous relationships; you could go to jail for indulging in the act. In most European countries like Britain, you will be charged with sodomy, even if both parties involved are consenting adults. In some part of the world, you could be lynched for indulging in an incestuous relationship.

Nevertheless, some countries in Europe have legalized incest only when the act is by two consenting adults. Countries, where incest is legal, are Spain, France, the Netherlands, and Sweden. Although Sweden only allows incest when it involves two half-siblings.

The Future

Since about 90% of countries all over the world still frowns at incest, it feels like there is no light at the end of the tunnel for incest enthusiasts.

Only when there are favorable laws will incest become socially acceptable. Changing the current laws can be very difficult, and only pressure and agitation can bring a solution. To make this work, people have to stand up and challenge the current laws. Is the world ready for another revolution?

Only if people in incestuous relationships start coming out of their closet and mount social pressure, then they can indeed change. To be frank, incestuous people will not be fighting the same war homosexuals fought, because they are left with the uphill task of justifying the high probability of genetic defects in reproductive incest.