Coming soon:

17 Mar, 2019
GLXY is highly popular among young users. The vast majority of newly registered users are aged below 20. We often get feedback from young people saying that they want a site only for themselves. Soon it will be launched, and it's called

The new site will be connected to GLXY, which basically means that users between 14 and 25 can log on to without having to create a new account.

When logging on to, you will not see, nor be contacted by users whose age is above 25. On the day of your 26th birthday, your account will be deactivated, but you may come back to GLXY at any time.

You can even switch back and forth between the two sites. The only difference between the two sites is that GLXY does not have an upper age limit, and if you haven't filtered your messages, then you cannot prevent older people from contacting you.

There are no significant sites in the world for teenagers and young adults, just because it's a group that lacks having a lot of money. We don't care. Our team thinks that young people of the world deserves a site that's only yours!