by Alex Smith, New Jersey

by Alex Smith, New Jersey

Are Pedophiles Really Beasts?

23 Mar, 2019

by Alex Smith, New Jersey

What comes to mind when you hear the word pedophilia? How will you feel if your close friend or family member opens up as a pedophile? Who are pedophiles? What do they want? How do they get sexually satisfied?

Pedophilia is referred to a form of paraphilia; it is a sexual attraction towards preadolescent children. Majority of pedophiles are male, and according to statistics, at least one percent of the male population are pedophiles amounting to over 60 million people. This means there are many pedophiles out there. Hence we shouldn't just sweep the topic under the carpet.

Is it a Disorder Or a Choice?
Pedophiles are one of the most stigmatized people in society; people easily associate them with child sexual abusers. This is a sad prejudice because not all pedophile have acted on their desires. Pedophile did not choose to be this way; they only find themselves attracted to preadolescent children, as long as they dont act, they are not committing any crime.

No one wishes to be a pedophile; it's just like other sexual preferences; we cannot choose who we want to be sexually attracted to. Pedophilia is a disorder, and it develops with age, it cannot be a choice. It is just like the way heterosexuals and homosexuals develop sexual preferences. What makes pedophilia different from the LGBT community is that it causes harm to the other party.

Pedophile Vs. Child Sex Abusers
Being a pedophile doesn't automatically make you a child sex abuser until you actually abuse a child sexually. If you know that sex with preadolescent children is bad and you strive to avoid any sexual contact with them, then you are just like every other person out there.

Besides not every child sex abuser is a pedophile, children are abused for many other reasons other than pedophilia, it could be a stepfather trying to get back at his wife or a stranger seeking vengeance.

To be clear, I am not in support of child sexual abusers, I want them to be punished for their crimes, but I also want to state that not all pedophiles are criminals. Not until of course they abuse a child sexually. We cannot stop child sex abuse by stigmatizing pedophiles, but we can help them not act on their desires.

How Can We Help Pedophiles
Opening up is the first stage of preventing child sex abuse, living in isolation increases a pedophiles chances of abusing a child, if we stigmatize them, we increase their isolation, in turn, increases the chances of committing the crime. So we have to be there for them, reduce the stigma, and make the society more open so pedophiles will not be scared of getting help.

We should start by accepting that pedophilia is not an act. Instead, it is a feeling and a thought. We can help pedophiles overcome this disorder, by making them feel they are valuable members of the society.