Fun Facts About The Pride Parade

30 Mar, 2019
June is around the corners, to others it may just be another June, but to members of the LGBT community, it means more.

It is a very special time of the year when cities all around the world organize festivals to celebrate and support the LGBT community.

It is a beautiful festival filled with love, freedom, and fun. It is a wonderful event, but it has not always been so. Ironically this beautiful festival originated from a riot, now known as the Stonewell Riots of 1969, the riot is very symbolic to the struggle for equal rights from gender and sexual minorities worldwide.

You might have been part of a pride march or plan to participate soon, but how much do you know about this fantastic festival? Let's test your knowledge.

Did You Know That Pride March Commemorate The Stonewall Roots of 1969
Around this time it was still an abomination for LGBT to be seen in public; at this time the American Psychological Association still classified homosexuality as a sexual disorder (imagine how myopic the world was).
In the US, bars that catered for members of the LGBT community was consistently under attack by the police.
June 28, 1969, was that special June night, the environment at the Stonewell inn was usually friendly to members of the LGBT community, the police in their usual manner made an attempt to empty the bar, but the LGBT community were tired of the oppression and for the first time they fought back, this lead to a three days riot. Since then we set aside June as pride month to celebrate their guts.

A Bisexual Woman Organized The First Pride Parade
Brenda Howard is a legend among the LGBT community, she played a vital role in feminism, and LGBT causes. She was among the organizers of the first ever pride parade; she first suggested a week-long festival; this is part of the foundation of the pride month we celebrate today. Just a month after the Stonewell inn incident riots Howard pioneered a march on Christopher street which was the beginning of it all.

Did Yoy Know That There is a Transgender Pride
Although the trans and gender non-conforming community are welcome to celebrate the June pride month, there is a special pride event for them. The purpose of this event is to give the trans community more visibility. Little is heard of the relatively small community. Despite small trans, people face the highest aggression and humiliation and all another member of the LGBT community. So they also deserve a pride to commensurate their struggle.

Did You Know That The Original Pride Flag Had Eight Colors
Gilbert Barker was the artist that first designed the pride flag, drafted in 1970, the flag had multi-colored stripes. The original design has eight different colors, each of these colors carried a different meaning, red symbolized life, pink for sex, yellow for the sun, orange for healing, turquoise for arts, green for nature, violet for the good spirit and indigo for harmony. Gradually the demand for the flag became high just after the death of Harvey Milk. Because it was cheaper to produce the flag with lesser colors hot pink and turquoise was dropped from the original design. But it wouldn't hurt if you fly the eight colored flag.