It's More Than Just LGBT

06 Apr, 2019
Have you ever wonder why we sometimes use LGBTQ instead of the usual LGBT?
Many members of the rainbow family are not familiar with the "Q," or what it means.

It will amaze you that it doesn't just end with a " Q."

To be all inclusive, the rainbow family should be called LGBTTTQQIAA, each standing for the initials for Lesbian
Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Transsexual, 2/Two-Spirit, Queer, Questioning, Intersex, Asexual, Ally.
Too long to memorize right, no wonder people leave it at LGBT. I wouldn't expect you to memorize either, because it evolves.

What matters most is that you have respect for people like us, irrespective of their sexual orientation, however strange it might be to you. This post will help you understand the meaning of each of the initials.

A lesbian is a female who is sexually attracted to women; lesbians solely crave for a romantic and sexual relationship with their fellow females.

Gay is no longer gender specific; both males and females can be referred to as gay; the term is referred to homosexual people.

These are people who have a sexual and romantic relationship to both males and females. The term primarily means homosexuals with attraction towards males and females; it is very similar to pansexuals.

Often referred to as just trans, these are people who identify to a gender different from the gender assigned to them at birth. To transgender, gender is not just about the physical features; gender is from the inside; gender is a feeling.

Transsexuals are people who have switched gender. A transsexual man can recognizably become a woman with the use of hormones or full surgery. The same applies to a female who switches her gender to become a man.

This term is native to the North Americans, and as the name implies, people who possess the two gender spirit. An individual who balances both the masculine spirit and the feminine spirit and can interchangeably play both gender roles is referred to as a two-spirit.

Queer is inclusion of gender minorities into the rainbow family. It includes those that are neither heterosexuals and cisgender yet do not conform to traditional sexuality.

This term is an umbrella that includes individuals who still have uncertainty about their sexual orientation, identity, and gender. This set of people are still not certain of where they belong in LGBT.

This is people born with a reproductive organ or sexual anatomy that cant is defined as male or female, for example, a person born with mosaic genetics.

Asexuals also knew as the non-sexual are people who don't have any form of sexual attraction towards anyone. The rarely indulge in any sexual activity. Asexuality is considered a type of sexual orientation, so they are classified under the rainbow family.

This is the opposite of homophobia; these are people who are friends to the rainbow community.

Now you know that it's more than just LGBT there are a lot more people in the LGBT community, what we need to do is form an alliance to make the world a better place for people like us.