European Sex and Culture

13 Apr, 2019
Europe is considered a progressive continent when it comes to sex and culture at least for most parts. When sex is mentioned in countries like the Netherlands, Germany, France, the Czech Republic you will notice how different sex attitude is compared to the rest of the world.

There is more liberality, more, freedom, and more experimentation. If you've never been to Europe, you will
certainly be amazed by their sex culture, here are what to look out for when it comes to European sexuality.

Public Nudity
As a non-European, public nudity is one of those things, you'll be seeing when you visit Europe. Europeans are very comfortable with their nudity compared to other parts of the world. It might be like a utopia for you if you are sexualized, but the irony is that many public nudes within the continent have no sexual agenda. People in Europe mostly get nude just because they feel more comfortable being nude. For instance, you could visit a park in Berlin or Paris and find people sunbathing or picnicking naked. There are also nude beaches across the continent.

Prostitution is legal:
The red light district is one of the world most fashionable districts. If you visit Amsterdam, expect to see a well organized public sex system, here sex vendors operate in public view, there are sex shops with public display windows right in public places, so don't be surprised when you see a sex shop beside a church, daycare center, cafe or even schools. In most parts of Europe, there is no stigmatization against prostitutes, they live a very normal life, enter into healthy relationships and most times get married.

In Amsterdam sex shops are just like every other local business, right in the middle of residential buildings, families live there, children pass there every day without having a second thought. Unlike other parts of the world where prostitution is still illegal, and no parent would consider raising their children in such areas.

Public Sex Rooms:
In Prague, it is not uncommon to find rooms furnished and reserved for quick sex. Most clubs and bars have restroom reserved for sex, so if you meet someone in the bar or a club, you don't have to go through the stress of going to a hotel, you can visit the public sex rooms. Young adults still living with their parents are the beneficiaries of this setup. Not everyone would want to take partners they meet home, so having sex in the bar or club is a very great option. In other parts of the world where there are no public rooms set out for sex, you'll see people having sex in unusual and unsafe places. Like in the cars, in dark alleys, they could end up trespassing into people's property.

It is essential to understand that not every part of Europe shares this progressive sexual culture; some are backward and grossly homophobic, so don't go to countries like European countries like Belarus, Turkey, Kosovo, or Albania expecting to have a sex expenditure.