Is Age Really Just a Number?

19 Apr, 2019
"Age is just a number," how true is this when it comes to relationships?

Most times it feels like the heart has a mind of its own; it falls in love without our permission; it chooses who it wants before we even process the attraction. We truly can't help who we fall in love with.

We may perceive age difference as an issue, the society may frown when the age margin is wide, but love doesn't always know age.

The society has been set up in a way that people believe they should date within their age grade, so most times we unconsciously feel it is wrong to fall in love with older or younger people. This makes us dismiss any feelings we have for people outside our age bracket. This is sad because society has always had its way of controlling us, shaping and defining us. But you can always take a stand. So rather than miss out on a wonderful relationship because of age, consider maturity, compatibility, and love as factors for choosing a spouse.

Age vs. Maturity, compatibility, and love
Not everybody acts their age, a teenager could act like an adult, while a full grown adult could act like a kid; this dismisses the age factor. Besides what happens when the person you are compatible with is ten years younger or older? What if you fall in love with someone outside your age bracket?

Maturity compatibility and love should be your major concern when picking a spouse not numbers. If both feel you are meant to be, what are you waiting for? Don't concern yourself with what the society says what, besides the same society once feel members of the LGBT community are mentally sick.

Why the age debate?
Dating someone way older or younger than you comes with its obstacles, if you find yourself in such a situation, don't worry, every relationship has its ups and down irrespective of the age difference. Some of the obstacles you will have include;

Both of you may have conflicting interest, the younger spouse might fancy having kids while the older might be done with kids, or you may have different music interest, and hobbies, but with communication, and compromise, both of you could settle amicably.

Aging will certainly be an issue; in the long run, one of the partners would be in an entirely different stage of life while the other would still be left behind.

Don't forget that sex drive will be an issue. Nevertheless, there are lots of solutions out there.

People will talk, gossip and ask intrusive questions, but all these don't matter, what you should concern you is your happiness.

Once you are braced up and prepared to face these obstacles, then nothing is stopping you from dating a more matured or younger person. Life itself has never been a smooth roll a coaster ride. And no relationship, no matter the gender, age difference, race or religion can ever be a bed of roses.