European 49 Shades of LGBT

28 Apr, 2019
At the turn of this century, there has been more acceptance of lesbians, gays, bisexual, trans and intersex people across Europe. Many European countries have passed LGBT friendly laws, while some countries legislation are indifferent, others are hostile although the early wave of LGBT progression has slowed down across the continent.

Many LGBT enthusiasts like me can't wait to paint the entire Europe rainbow if not for countries like Azerbaijan, Monaco, Turkey, Armenia, and other post-Soviet countries. According to statistics carried out by Statists, eastern European countries are the least performing region.

Dominating the most LGBT ranking friendly is the UK, although it is currently ranked as 3rd, over the years it has enjoyed the number one position.

Here is the latest ILGA-Europe rating of 49 European countries.

Malta: 94.04%
Belgium: 78.76%
Norway: 77.74%
United Kingdom: 73.48%
Finland: 73.27%
France: 72.81%
Portugal: 69.16%
Denmark: 67.69%
Spain: 67.03
Sweden: 62.66%
Netherlands: 59.64%
Germany: 59.00%
Austria: 56.40%
Greece: 52.32%
Ireland: 52.22%
Iceland: 51.72%
Croatia: 50.56%
Slovenia: 47.73%
Luxembourg: 47.48%
Hungary: 47.16%
Estonia: 42.34%
Switzerland: 38.44%
Montenegro: 37.74%
Andorra: 34.81%
Albania: 33.24%
Kosovo: 32.98%
Bosnia & Herzegovina: 31.38%
Serbia: 29.68%
Czech Republic: 29.20%
Cyprus: 28.95%
Slovakia: 28.65%
Italy: 26.67%
Georgia: 25.87%
Bulgaria: 24.15%
Romania: 21.12%
Ukraine: 20.95%
Lithuania: 20.73%
Poland: 18.23%
Liechtenstein: 17.87%
Latvia: 16.07%
North Macedonia: 14.03%
Belarus: 13.35%
Moldova: 13.08%
San Marino: 12.32%
Russia: 10.90
Monaco: 9.76%
Turkey: 8.06%
Armenia: 7.20%
Azerbaija: 4.70%

As it stands, Malta is a haven for gays; whole Azerbaijan is the last place in Europe where any gay would want to be, it will amaze you that EU members like Poland and Latvia also rank poorly. Belgium, Norway, France, Finland, and the UK are countries that are doing well in the ranking; these countries have progressive citizens and civil legislation towards the LGBT. Germany stands at an average because despite passing a marriage equality law, they fail to protect the LGBT community from hate speech.