Heterosexual males are just afraid of Gays, nothing else

28 Apr, 2019
Let’s face it; the truth is that ‘Straight’ Men are Afraid of their Gay Counterparts… Nothing else

If these heterosexual males were to be honest, perhaps what they are really scared of is the fact that we (homosexual men) can hit on them.

Nothing really puts off a conservative male more than more than being tasked to debate on an issue that they would rather not discuss.

Like most sex related topics, the debate on same-sex activities, particularly on gays has always upset the conservative African males who would rather remain silent than have to discuss and accept our lesbian, gay, bisexual and transsexual (LGBT) community.

While these heterosexual men hope that the government and the church will voice what they themselves cannot speak about, one will wonder where the anti-gay female falls. Besides, women have long proven to be better at voicing matters affecting the family unit. Thus, one would expect that women would be on the forefront leading even the men in the anti-gay lunch pack. Also, one would say that women have more to lose compared to their heterosexual male counterparts, more so in the current society where statistics indicate higher female population than males.

What one would expect of the rising numbers of gay men is that it should be sending women into a panic mode, particularly those hunting for suitable life partners. On the other hand, one would expect heterosexual male to be worried about the rising number of lesbian ladies since this would reduce their chances of finding a suitable partner. But then again, few men are voicing their concern on lesbians.

If these men were to be more open, perhaps what seems to scare them is the feeling that they can be hit on by other men. That they can be enticed, wooed, flattered and moved into submission. For long, the straight men have only known the ‘hunter’ role to be their preserve. The society has also trained them on hunting the female species, all in an attempt to make love.

With the tables turned, the straight men have found themselves in a rather awkward position of the hunted. It is the feeling of being a prey that makes the heterosexual male to question his identity. This is hence what they cannot deal with.

The anti-gay show off thus has nothing to do with negative effect on procreation, the family unit or even religious beliefs and argument that it is against the scripture and defies nature.

What is now clear is that these excuses being given in a bid to discourage gays are just meant to cover up the real cause. That is the fear of having to contend with the act of being hunted by another male. Therefore, the anti-gay debate stems from heterosexual men who are at loss at how to stay around their gay counterparts.
The heterosexual male has chosen to give excuses and also simplified the issue down to the inability of a gay too woo women.

In yet another indication of fear, the heterosexual males have also contradicted science findings to give flimsy excuses as to why they are against homosexuality.
History has proven with time that what people are afraid of is what they do not understand; same with this debate…the heterosexual male is more afraid of gays than he is willing to understand him.