The Fate of an Intersex

05 May, 2019
Who are intersex people
This category of people dont fit into the traditional male or female gender; their sexual organs are more complicated. Usually, their sexual organs are inter switched with the gender of their physical appearance, or sometimes they have both the genitals of both male and female.

Being intersex is normal; there's nothing awkward about being an intersex; it is pure biology. There are many intersexes in the world. Some intersexual traits are apparent while others are salient. Some can be detected at birth, while other traits take time to be noticed (especially when the individual reaches puberty). Some may live all their lives not knowing they are intersex. So you will be amazed to know that there are many intersexes out there, the possibility of you being born an intersex is equivalent to being born a twin.

Is Intersex a Birth Defect?
It is surprising how people of the 21st refer to intersex traits as a congenital disability or disorder. Sadly in many progressive countries even in Europe, medical practitioners believe intersex is a disorder that needs to be put right. This is sad because most children who are too young to understand, are not given a chance to determine how they want to live their life. Most of these medical interventions are non-consensual and traumatizing.

These corrective surgeries could include altering the external and internal genitalia, total removal of extra reproductive organs, and hormonal therapies. They don't have to undergo all these when they can be who they are.

Why The Discrimination?
It's funny that people discriminate and judge intersex people for not conforming to a specific gender as if it is their fault. First, just like being gay, they didn't choose to be intersex, they are born that way.

For a while now there has been a debate whether or not there should only be two genders, or there should be room for those who can't conform to any of the two.

In some part of the world intersex, people born intersex or have visible intersex traits have faced severe persecution, in some parts of Africa, South Asia, South America, and China with superstitions about intersex. Most babies born with ambiguous genitalia are killed at birth, while in some parts of the world they are forced to choose between the two conventional genders, this makes them undergo unnecessary medical surgeries.

Some intersex people don't know what it means to be intersex, most times parents and doctors conceal the reality of being intersex. For those willing to come out, they are faced with a lot of discrimination, at schools, neighborhood, and work. And since society is built to accommodate only two genders, intersex people find it challenging to integrate, obtaining legal documents, that reflects gender will be difficult. identification in schools, job interviews and while opening bank accounts will also be complex