Why Our Kids Need LGBT Orientation Too

14 May, 2019
In most European nations, there has been a movement for the inclusion of LGBT rights in school curriculum. This move has sparked a lot of controversies, in the UK, for instance, there have been lots of debates. This leaves us with the wondering whether or not our young ones should be educated about LGBT rights and history.

For centuries now, the educational system has always had its way of defining relationships, marriage and family. As you young child, you will be taught that marriage is a union between a man and a woman. This noninclusive view has over time been challenged by progressionist, who want an all-inclusive educational system for our kids. It is 2019, and the world has witnessed tremendous evolution. But can we say the educational system has evolved?. Sadly the answer is NO.

Every day our children are taught about straight people in school from literature, art, and sex education classes. What gives straight people an edge in the educational sector over LGBT people? Why are we not included? Our children should be able to read literature where the main character or his parent is gay. Kids should be able to paint about a gay union or family. What matters most is reforming the educational system, in a way that being gay would become normal. If we continue to hide gay symbols and topics from our educational curriculum, we might never win the battle over homophobia.

In schools, black rights and history are taught, women rights and gender equality is a trend why is LGBT any different. Students need to learn about other people with a different sexual orientation from their own; this will help curb bullying of people from LGBT families, parents also have to contribute in integrating gay people into the society.

The lack if LGBT education has caused a lot of psychological damage to young gay kids who are trying to discover themselves. They are often bullied and are more likely to have mental disorder; we also have incidents where the traumatized kids commit suicide.

With proper education, LGBT kids will feel like normal kids, no stigma, no segregation among their peers.

There are lots of reasons why LGBT history and rights should be taught in schools, but most importantly, it will help eradicate homophobia and give confidence to those that identify as LGBT. It will help the young LGBT kids realize that there is nothing wrong with their sexuality and there are not alone; they are many out like them. If LGBT is part of the system, there would be more tolerance and acceptance.