How To Survive a Homophobic Family

22 May, 2019
LGBT has won many battles against the homophobic world; lots of war still needs to be fought in Africa, South America, Asia, and Eastern Europe. The LGBT enthusiasts are no longer in a hurry to end the war because LGBT is taking over the world, although slow, but steady.

The first element of the society is the family, so if LGBT has to continue fighting, the family is an excellent place to start. Sadly, even in progressive societies like the US, the UK, France, Germany, etc. we still have homophobic family members who still look at gay people as beasts, that will burn in hell.

We will not be discussing how to overthrow those myopic and conservative family members; rather, we are more concerned about how to cope with them, besides they will not be in this world forever. Generally, you will be very lucky if your entire family members support your sexuality. Expect to be faced with one or two opposition. So how do you handle unsupportive family members? Here are some tips that will help you.

1. Be Patient
Coming out to your family, we all wish and hope that they will accept us for who we are and still love us seamlessly. We have first to admit that society has not been redeemed totally from homophobia. So you need to have patience and give them time to absorb the situation. Hopefully, they will eventually come to term and accept you for who you are; they are your family and can't hate you forever, be patient.

2. Try Reasoning With Them
Being gay is not just your sexuality and should not define who you are, live your life like every other child, brother, sister, nephew, or nice. Being gay shouldn’t stop you from getting educated, getting a job, getting married, and having children. You can also help with house chores, go to church, listen to regular music, and watch regular movies. Don’t give them any reason to feel you are different; make them realize that you are still their beloved relative. Everybody dream of a society free from stereotypes, but we have to accept what we have now.

3. It's Not All About Sex
Once any issue related to LGBT comes up, sex comes next. As an individual, you have to let your family know that you are a person, and life is not surrounded by sex. Hence your sexual preference should not define you. The fact that you love and have sex with people of your gender should not become your identity. Whatever you do in your bedroom is your business. If straight people can freely live without discussing their sexual lifestyle, you too can keep your sex life a secret.

4. Accept Your Fate
If after making efforts to be loved and accepted by your family, and they still refuse to acknowledge your sexuality, you can't force them, accept your fate and distance yourself from them. That's the only thing you can do; you don’t have to tolerate stigmatization. Don’t compromise your happiness to please your family; you are not hurting anybody by being gay.