Tips for Parents of LGBT Youth

08 Jul, 2019
As a parent or guardian, what is going to be your first reaction if your teen opens up as gay? It can be very tricky; your first reaction will go a long way in shaping the child's future relationships. Most gay who commits suicide do it as a result of societal segregation and bullying and have their parents to blame. Why blame the parents?

Parents who are encouraging and LGBT friendly (queer) will serve as a backbone for their child to navigate a homophobic society and overcome bullying. It takes day, months and sometimes years for a child to finally open up as a gay, the day means a lot to them yet, most parents don't plan towards this day. Parents still have a subconscious notion that all their children would be straight; at this point, if they turn out gay, they are caught unaware. On the other hand, some kids start to display some traits that a good parent should know where their child belongs.

Whether you are homophobic or not, It's the 21st century and being gay is now normal, if your child opens up as gay, you should be proud that your child, its sign that your child trusts you and can confide in you, don't abuse this opportunity, stand by them and help them overcome this phase of their life.

As a parent, here are the steps you should take to make your child feel welcomed after leaving their closet.

This is where you seat your child down and talk to them, avoid questions like; are you sure you are gay? Because it takes a lot of conviction from your child to open up. Encourage your kid, and let them know they have your support. That's all they need from you.

If you are a straight parent, there are a lot of things you need to know about being gay, so you need to broaden your knowledge about the LGBT community, their history, what it's members face, safe sex and more. Keep researching because as a parent, you need to have more knowledge than your kid; this will help you advice and counsel them.

Be Part Of Their School

Gay kids face the worst persecution at school; they easily get bullied, you have to get more involved, indulge them in dialogue, see how they are fairing ensure they are not being bullied. High school seems like a straight community, so finding love might be a little more difficult for gays, so it's your responsibility as a parent to encourage them so they won't feel neglected and out of place.

Monitor Their Relationships
This is a responsibility of every parent whether your kid is straight or gay, you have to monitor your kid's relationship, ensure they are in a healthy relationship.