Gays Living in Pakistan

21 Aug, 2019
Imagine being gay in Pakistan, a country where you could be killed if you get caught. Lynching of members the LGBT community is normal, so how do gay people survive?.

Gays in European countries and America enjoy a lot of privileges, most times it feels like homophobia is going extinct. But if you go outside these liberal countries you'll realize that nothing has really changed.

Pakistan is still as homophobic as it was decades ago, no thanks to the dogmatic nature of Islam. over 80% of Pakistanis are Muslims and it is considered haram (taboo) in Islam to have sex with person of the same gender.

If you get caught in the act you would be punished with a death penalty, that's if you make it to court. According to a survey, 80% of gays caught in the act gets killed by an angry mob before they even get to court. So it's a jungle out there for gays.

What do you expect, Pakistan is a country where you can get mobbed for minor things, blasphemy is punishable by death, there's no freedom of belief or religion. And their archaic traditions still plays a role in their lives. According to Abbas Fahad "most times I don't feel bad about being gay in Pakistan, rather I feel bad for the Pakistan society" .

Through The Eyes of A Pakistani Gay Man
Abbas Fahad lives in Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan, he is 27, a teacher and an aspiring actor, he is gay and still lives in his closet.

When did you realize that you are gay?
When I was 12, I realized that I was attracted to boys, I was never interested in the idea of meeting a woman, falling in love and getting married.

What does it feels like to be gay in a Homophobic country?
It is hard, it seems like everyone is homophobic, you can't open up to anybody. If you dare, you might be betrayed and handed over to the police. There have been a series of cases where parents and relatives led mobs to lynch fellow gays.

Do you feel LGBT and Islam can coexist ?
I don't think Allah would hate me for falling in love, he is my creator, if he doesn't want gays he wouldn't have created gays.

Is there hope for the LGBT community ?
I want to believe there is hope, America was the same decades ago, if America can come this far, I believe there's hope for Pakistan.