Acephobia the Undermined Hate Crime

27 Oct, 2019
Discrimination, bullying, verbal and physical abuse, are some of the things people go through for having a different sexual orientation. Asexual are no exception, to sum up their predicaments. The word Acephobia is used to define prejudice towards Asexual. Despite what asexual go through, our society fail to realize that Acephobia actually exists.

Does Acephobia Actually Exist?
The world is gradually (although slowly) recognizing the LGBT community, there is a drastic reduction in homophobia, (at least better than the way it was two decades ago). Despite these strides, asexuality hasn’t enjoyed the progress made by other members of the LGBT community.

After a personal survey, I discovered that, there is still strong bias and prejudice against asexuals; I came up with two categories of Acephobic people, the first set are the non-acknowledgers and the second set are the upfront acephobias.

The Non-Acknowledgers
This category of Acephobic people still live in self denial, they refuse to acknowledge that asexuality exists, most people in this category still find it weird that a person can be non sexual. They believe asexuality is merely in the head, or asexual are only trying to prove a point.

The Upfront Acephobias
Just like homophobic people, these category are direct in their attack against asexual, they won’t hesitate to haul verbal and physical abuse against asexual, they believe asexuality is a mental illness that should be flushed from the society.

Understanding Acephobia
An asexual can only be identified by close friend or relative, because only when an asexual comes out, before he can be identified. So most times, acephobic attacks come from families, friends and neighbors. Acephobic attack could either be verbal or physical. Reported cases include subtle verbal remarks, upfront confrontation, sexual touch, sexual assaults and rape. Rape cases are usually attempts by acephobic people to correct asexuality.

Is There Hope for Asexuals?
Although the asexual community is a small one, there are many cases of acephobic attacks, many gone unreported; this means that a lot needs to be done to help asexual feels welcomed by the society. For a start, asexual have been adobted into the LGBTQ+ society. This makes the struggle for acceptance more realistic. There are a lot of social and support groups that help asexuals get justice.
Just like every other hate crimes, Acephobia also needs to be expelled from our society, an asexual deserves equal right to report any attack against him, and such attacks should be classified as Acephobia. Remember, people sexuality cannot be perfectly defined, there are shades to being asexual, which ever shade an asexual identifies, he should be respected like every other human in the society.