by vz

by vz

Nikkie Tutorials Comes Out as Trans

14 Jan, 2020

by vz

YouTube beauty influencer NikkieTutorials came out as trans on her YouTube channel. For those who do not know who Nikkie is, she is a beauty guru and make up enthusiast. She began her career on YouTube 11 years ago, and has made hundreds and hundreds of videos to this day. Some even feature celebrities such as Lady Gaga. Yesterday, she came out with a video where Nikkie not only comes out as trans, but also details why she decided to do so and discusses her journey with her subscribers.

Nikkie begins her story by sharing a story about her mother. She explains that while her mother was pregnant, she was convinced she was having a girl. Nikkie Tutorials jokes, "Little did she know that she was actually having a girl," and goes on to detail that she has felt like a girl from birth and struggled with having to have short hair and dress up as a boy. Nikkie goes on to explain that by the age of 6, she had grown out her hair and was exclusively dressing in girls clothing. By 14, she had begun hormone therapy and by 19, she was "fully transitioned," and she'd done it all while on YouTube with no one knowing.

"It is a brand new year. It is 2020 and I want to start the year off with the truth. I want to start the year off by finally revealing a part of my life that has made me who I am. I want to talk about a part of myself that makes me me," she starts off in the video. "I can't believe I'm saying this today to all of you, for the entire world to see. But damn, it feels good to finally do it. It is time to let go and be truly free. When I was younger, I was born in the wrong body. Which means that I am transgender."

As for why she chose to come out, Nikkie explains, "Today, I am here to share something with you that I've always wanted to share with you one day but under my own circumstances, and it looks like that chance has been taken away from me." She goes on to explicitly tell her audience that an undisclosed person or persons attempted to blackmail her using her gender identity.

However, Nikkie made it clear in her video that her decision to come out is not about them but is about taking back her power.

Nikkie also encourages her followers and those who may be watching to be true to themselves. She says, "At the end of the day, I am me. And at the end of the day, you are you. ... Just like me, you get to write your own story. Live your life. Live it without any restrictions. You can be you. You are in charge of how you want to live your life. ... With this message, I want to inspire little Nikkie's around the world who feel insecure, who feel out of place, who feel misunderstood. I hope by me standing up and being free that it inspires others to do the same. To truly live your life the way you want it and the way you deserve it. This world needs us."

Nikkie finishes her video speaking to her "Glow Babies," (which is what she calls her audience) announcing that she gets to be free and be who she is. While she says that she doesn't know how her coming out will be received, she finishes her video the way she does all of her most recent uploads: by reciting a Dutch word of the day. Today's word is vrouw, which means woman.