by Pontus Johansson, Stockholm

by Pontus Johansson, Stockholm

Introducing new tools to get rid of spoof accounts and picture collectors

12 Apr, 2017

by Pontus Johansson, Stockholm

Have you ever heard of picture collectors? These are people that are thoroughly looking for new pictures on websites that can be used in identity thefts, impersonation or simply for one’s own personal enjoyment.

The pictures that you upload to GLXY are yours, and yours only. So how can we prevent people from stealing your pictures? First of all we’ve disabled the possibility to save pictures. Secondly, we will from now on send you a notification in case someone takes a screenshot of pictures that belongs to you.

We are also re-introducing watermarks as an optional feature.

The watermark will contain this:
Your account number (unique number)
The person who visits your account account number (unique number).

As we have the IP address as well as the email address of the criminal, it will be much easier for us to help the police in case you wish to report unauthorized usage of your pictures.

Your security is GLXY’s main concern. When you visit us, you should always feel safe. In case you have more ideas on how we can improve our security measures, please let us know.

Happy Easter, everyone!


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