by Pontus Johansson, Stockholm

by Pontus Johansson, Stockholm

13.000 members!

15 Apr, 2017

by Pontus Johansson, Stockholm

GLXY reached 13.000 members in the early morning of April 15th 2017. Our site is already the biggest online LGBT community in the Baltics, and our aim is to gradually become the biggest one in Northern and Eastern Europe. We will do whatever it takes to reach 22.000 members by December this year.

People from all over Europe, and especially people from our own region (Northern Europe) are starting to notice GLXY. If we reach this year’s goal by reaching 22.000 members, we’ll be half the size of (a Norwegian LGBT site) and a forth the size of (a Swedish LGBT site). As none of these two have apps or are planning to launch apps, GLXY has a huge competitive advantage as applications are more or less expected these days.
We do not think that social networks without a proper app will survive in the future.

We launched our Android app on September 2nd 2016, and our iOS (iPhone app) app was launched in December the same year.

Recently, Forum was added to our Android app, and by the end of April Groups will also be implemented.

Unfortunately we have experienced a few issues with the iOS app, and we’re currently fixing them in order to make the app work smoother on iPads and on older iPhones. The apps last version works perfectly with iPhone 6 and newer models.