A letter to the editor: What it’s like to be a pedophile

07 May, 2017
Dear GLXY: This week you wrote about what homophobic abuse in Chechenia. I would really appreciate if you could address another concern: What does pedophobic abuse feel like?

You probably get disgusted just by hearing the word pedophile, but before you vomit, I’d like for you to hear me out.

I’m a normal, good-looking guy in my mid 20’s. I’m well-educated, I have a nice boyfriend and a good life. It’s just that I’m also a pedophile. I have a huge passion for boys aged 12 to 16.

Before you start judging me, let me tell you something:

I’ve never engaged sexually with a child, and I never will. Nor have I ever watch child pornography or gotten as much as a speeding ticket. I’m a lawful citizen and I forever will be.

I never chose to be attracted to young children, like you never chose to be gay, straight or whatever you are. Whether you like it or not, we (the pedophiles) are also a sexual minority, just like homosexuals or transgender.

And despite the fact that most pedophiles never hurt children or contribute to a disgusting child pornography business, our group are constantly harassed, bullied and stigmatized by absolutely everyone, including the media who’s the worst stigmatizer. 5 % of the world’s population are pedophiles, and that’s a pretty big number.
Source: https://www.ipce.info/ipceweb/Library/97-048_article.html

The majority of us are really good citizens. We are politicians, teachers, police officers, accountants, sons, daughters, mothers and fathers. We are everywhere, but still, and almost everyday we are being reminded of how disgusting we are, how much they want to shoot our heads off. Why is it so hard for people to distinguish between peaceful pedophiles and actual child molesters?

The reason for straight men to rape women is the same reason as for pedophiles to molest children. Like you, me and everyone else, we can have a strong will to control our sexual lusts.

Me for example, I read pedo-erotic novels and sex text with other men who have the same desire. That’s all I need. Lately, people in my country have started to advocating for criminalizing that as well, sex texting among pedophiles without any picture sharing and producing and reading pedophile novels is something they want to put people in jail for.

Recently, a police officer lost his job just because he read a sexual novel about having sex with children. Another man was convicted for writing such novels and publishing them on the internet. Why on earth should that be illegal?

Sources: http://www.aftenposten.no/norge/Skrev-fantasier-om-seksuelle-overgrep-mot-barn-Na-er-han-domt-611907b.html


I’m afraid that these kinds of laws will most likely be introduced all over the world.

This is really dehumanizing and limiting our freedom of speech and it scares me.