by Pontus Johansson, Tartu, Estonia

by Pontus Johansson, Tartu, Estonia

Vera Valk: - I tried to end my own life

25 Jun, 2017

by Pontus Johansson, Tartu, Estonia

After months of harassment and death threats, GLXY’s reporter in Tartu, Estonia had had enough.

- It all started when, GLXY’s owner launched the website The Estonian users started to become more hostile towards me and the job I once loved had turned in to a nightmare.

- I didn’t sleep or eat properly and I received anonymous phone calls in the middle of the night.

It all escalated when she was attacked outside her home in Annelinn, one of Tartu’s suburbs.

- I contacted the police, but they didn’t do anything. I saw no other solution but to end my own life by taking an overdose of sleeping pills.

The suicide attempt didn’t succeed and the young woman realized that she needed help.

- At first I went to visit some friends in Sweden. It was so nice to get away from Estonia and all the narrow-mindedness.

After staying with them for a week, she admitted herself to a psychiatrical hospital in Stockholm, Sweden.

- It wasn’t something I wanted at first, but soon I realized how much I needed the help they gave me. As an Estonian going to a psychiatrical facility there was a lot of embarrassment involved. Even going to a psychiatrist in Estonia is a big taboo.

- That’s exactly why we need sites like Pervertly. People of Estonia must understand that we are all different, and that it’s okay to like things that are out of the ordinary.

- So you do not regret launching taking into consideration everything you had to go through?

- No, absolutely not. I’m always taking the weakest’s side and the people who are using is a sexual minority within another sexual minority (LGBT’s).

For her own safety, Vera Valk has now moved to another part of Tartu, and will move on with her life, and her job at