Brand new changes in GLXY’s desktop version!

27 Jun, 2017
Greetings from us at GLXY in Tartu, Estonia to all of you out there. Hope you’re enjoying the summer, guys! We’ve been working really hard while you’ve been laying on the beach and partied. These are the latest news from our developers:

We’ve added more user options to the user data.

Many of you are looking for a specific type of person, so we though it’d be a good idea to introduce «Personal style», with the following options: Alpha male, Alpha female, Androgynous, Boyish, Bear, Butch, Drag king, Drag queen, Drama queen, Femme, Feminine, Girly, Masculine and Manly.

We’ve also received suggestions from you guys to implement «Oral sex» with the following options: Give, Receive, Give and receive and None.

We also made it possible to turn on and off the popup chat and its sidebar, as well as fixing a bug that was impacting underage users who were not able to see any debates. Now that has been solved, but we still mark some debates 18+ which will still prevent our little babies to see GLXY’s naughtiest debates.

We also fixed a bug with (@) mentioning in Forum and groups.

One cool thing we did was to let you guys know approximately how long time it will take for a picture you uploaded to be approved. In case you did not know, every picture you upload to your GLXY account is approved by a moderator before we let other people see the picture. Now it will tell you how long time you can expect to wait, based on the time and the day of the week.

I hope you liked these new features and bug fixes.