It’s official: Germany will vote on same-sex marriage on Friday

28 Jun, 2017
The German parliament is set to vote on same-sex marriage on Friday.

The bill, which would give same-sex couples full marital rights and the ability to adopt children, was added to the agenda today after a vote.

With Chancellor Angela Merkel indicating that she will make the vote one of conscience, rather than one divided along party lines, the bill is expected to pass comfortably.

This development is another milestone in a remarkable week which has seen rapid progress towards same-sex marriage in Germany, after years of deadlock.

It means Martin Schulz, chairman of the leading opposition party – the centre-left Social Democratic Party – is set to keep the promise he made yesterday to hold a vote by the end of the week.

Schulz tweeted yesterday morning: “We will push through marriage equality in Germany. This week.”

The journey towards a vote on same-sex marriage has been slow, then has happened all at once following Merkel’s unexpected decision to open the floodgates earlier this week.

Her muted declaration at an event with women’s magazine Brigitte that she favoured a free vote on the issue was a tremendous departure from her old position that equal marriage risked “the well-being of children.”