BREAKING NEWS: German Parliament Approves Same-Sex Marriage

The German Parliament approved a proposal on Friday allowing same-sex marriage, after a short, suddenly scheduled debate.

30 Jun, 2017

The country’s normally staid politics were jolted in the direction of approving gay marriage last weekend when two major political parties said they would make the legislation a condition of any future coalition agreement with the Christian Democrats, led by Chancellor Angela Merkel, who is seeking a fourth term in the general election in September.

Ms. Merkel reacted swiftly by easing her party’s stance against same-sex marriage and freeing individual lawmakers to vote on the issue as they saw fit.

Same-sex couples in Germany have been able to live together in civil unions since 2001, and opinion polls have shown for years that most Germans favor legalizing same-sex marriage. But conservatives have consistently blocked the issue from coming to a vote in Parliament.