GLXY’s owner to launch its 10th website - GAYNET.LV in Latvia

06 Aug, 2017
Our websites are doing better than expected, and especially GLXY has had a big increase in users, and especially returning users. We’re also experiencing a large number of non-users reading our news stories, which is really great.

We’ve launched 5 social networks so far this year, 3 of them in Norway, and 2 international ones. The 6th one will be GAYNET.LV, which we’re sure of will be a popular site for Latvian LGBT's to visit for news, forum discussions, dating and chatting.

We know that theres’s a big maket for local LGBT sites as well as the international ones, simply because some people are only interested in what’s going on in their country and to talk to people in their own area. will open on September 1st.

We plan on launching 2 more of these sites for local markets in their local languages before Christmas., the company behind GLXY is growing rapidly. We currently have 3 Norwegian nationals, 2 Swedish, 2 Estonians, 4 Ukrainians, 3 Bosnians and one British working at our firm.