Finland to debate forced sterilisation laws for transgender people

25 Aug, 2017
The Finnish government is set to review its gender recognition laws in a move that campaigners hope will stop forced sterilisation for transgender people.

Under current Finnish law, a trans person must be sterilised prior to having their legal gender changed.

They are also required to be medically diagnosed with “transsexualism” and undergo extensive mental health screening.

The United Nations Human Rights Council has made several recommendations to the Finnish government to abolish these conditions.

The European Court of Human Rights ruled in April that requiring sterilisation for gender recognition was a human rights violation.

Twenty European nations maintain their sterilisation requirement as of August 2017.

Legal gender recognition in Finland dominates everyday life, as the personal identity number (an equivalent of the national insurance or US social security number) is gendered and is used for everything from pay slips to library cards.