Trans man files lawsuit after cop forced him to pull pants down

15 Sep, 2017
A transgender man has launched a lawsuit against a New Jersey police force after an off-duty officer forced him to pull his pants down for inspection.

The off-duty officer forced the man to pull down his pants so that he could inspect after he was convinced that his prosthetic penis was stolen merchandise from a store.

The trans man, who has remained anonymous in the suit, felt “humiliated, intimidated and abused”.

The incident took place in a grocery store in Paterson, New Jersey earlier this year on May 12.

The police officer was allegedly working security and did have a sheriffs uniform on.

The officer approached the trans man and accused him of shoplifting.

He tried to explain that he was wearing a prosthetic penis, at which point the officer said that he would need to be inspected.

The officer then had a female cashier inspect him in a store restroom.

After realising his mistake, the officer reportedly apologised.

The victim’s attorney confirmed that they believe the officer made a genuine mistake in thinking the prosthetic penis was stolen merchandise.