Man sues for right to marry his laptop as he wants ‘the same rights’ as gays

15 Sep, 2017
The man is suing the state of Alabama for the right to marry his laptop.

Chris Sevier, a serial author of nuisance lawsuits, filed a new claim this week against the government of Alabama.

Sevier, is suing the state for the right to tie the knot to his Macbook computer, claiming his right to tie the knot to his computer is the same as any gay couple’s right to marry.
Sevier, who has filed action on similar grounds in Texas, Kentucky and Utah, claims that because same-sex marriage is legal in Alabama it must also allow him to tie the knot with his computer.

His lawsuit contends that the defendants “[issue] marriage licenses to individuals who self-identify as homosexual, but he refuses to issue marriage licenses to zoophiles, machinists, and polygamists license on a basis that can only be described as procedurally arbitrary”.