GLXY’s future - what’s next?

16 Sep, 2017
We have developed the last version GLXY since the winter of 2016. GLXY’s 3rd version was launched on September 2nd 2016 and we’re almost done with the whole implementation of the hundreds of big and small features.

That’s left now is to re-design user profiles, as well as merging the Edit- and the start page, so make it all more logical and easier to understand.

Because of the rapid growth of new users, the process of re-writing GLXY in a new and more robust code will be the next big task. This will make sure that GLXY and all its new users will experience a more stable site that’s running faster and and works even better.

This fall we’ve spend most of our time on exporting all the sites images to an external server as well as reducing the size of all existing images. This itself has bettered the speed of out site, and we’re very happy with the result.

Our developers have also re-designed GLXY’s front page. There are a few things left, but we hope to be done with that part of the project by next week

We hope that you’ve liked the changes, fixes and features that we’ve done so far, but we’d like to hear from our users before the re-writing of the site begins, as the process can take up to 6 months.

So dear users, tell us what you like, what you like less, what you love, and what you hate.

Unlike many other social networks with commercially custom made solutions (such as Wordpress), we’ve built GLXY entirely from scratch, code by code, meaning that there are no restricting of changes and new implementations as we do all the work ourselves without any sort of quick fixed codes or systems. Definitely a good approach as it gives us more possibilities than many of our competitors, but it takes longer time to code it this way.

In a few weeks time, we will also start working on the apps and implement their new design. We hope to have them ready by Christmas. More about the app in another article next week.

We look forward to hearing your opinions and ideas!