This transgender actress could be the first to win an Oscar

20 Sep, 2017
A trans woman may be about to make history at the Oscars.

28-year-old Daniela Vega has been receiving rave reviews for her central role in Chilean film A Fantastic Woman.

Vega’s character Marina has to deal with her partner’s death and his family’s subsequent transphobia, while simultaneously trying to find her identity without her beloved Orlando.

After it was screened at the Berlin Film Festival, Variety called Vega’s performance “a multi-layered, emotionally polymorphous feat of acting.”

The magazine said she deserved “so much more than political praise,” and it wasn’t the only publication to heap compliments on the actress.

Chile has already put the film forward as its Oscars submission, but it is Vega’s breakout performance that has captured the imagination.

Trans musicians Angela Morley and Anohni have been nominated for Oscars, but no trans person has ever received one in an acting category.