U.S. state ordered to clarify which bathrooms trans people can use

22 Sep, 2017
Montana has been ordered by the highest court in the state to clarify the language of a ballot on whether trans people can use gender-appropriate bathrooms.

A ruling was made on Tuesday by the Montana Supreme Court after the ACLU of Montana put forward a legal challenge to the ballot.

The ACLU had accused the state of being too vague on the ballot and excluding to define what is meant by ‘sex’.

And the state’s highest court agreed that the ballot did not specify whether it would only apply to local government buildings and public education facilities.

The court also noted that the ballot did not specify how much it would cost local government and education authorities to comply with the law if enacted.

In addition, the Montana Supreme Court also stated that the language did not go far enough to protect against legal action by anbody claiming “emotional or mental distress” if they come across a trans person.