Uruguay has appointed its first transgender senator

11 Oct, 2017
Michelle Suarez has become the first transgender senator in Uruguay.

The 34-year-old politician took her seat in the upper chamber of congress yesterday.

And Suarez, a Communist Party representative, intends to push for a law which would make it compulsory for one percent of government jobs to be reserved for trans people.

t would also set up a fund to compensate trans people who were persecuted during the country’s military dictatorship in the 70s and 80s.

Trans people would be able to change their legal identities without having to get approval from a judge under the proposed law.

Suarez, who was elected to the country’s legislature in 2014, has broken several barriers in the South American country.

She was Uruguay’s first trans person to graduate from university, and the first to become a lawyer.

In 2013, she was at the forefront of making same-sex marriage legal in the country, helping to draft the bill which eventually became law