Indonesia blocks GIFs on WhatsApp to stop ‘gay pictures’

14 Nov, 2017
ndonesia has blocked GIFs on WhatsApp in an attempt to stop “obscene” images from being shared, including “gay photos”.

The country has been seen to be cracking down on LGBT+ people, as earlier this week four people were arrested for posting photos online.

WhatsApp was given a 48-hour deadline earlier this week to ensure that “obscene” GIFs were not available on the platform.

According to reports, the government responded to say that WhatsApp had complied with the request.

“We see now that they have done what we asked. Therefore we won’t block them,” the director general of Indonesia’s communication and informatics ministry Semuel Pangerpan.

The messaging platform relies on Giphy and Tenor to provide its GIF service.
But the problem apparently was with Tenor, which does not provide a filter for adult content.