Violent attack on gay couple for holding hands not considered a hate crime

25 Nov, 2017
You probably think that the incident happened in Russia. Guess again! It happened in the country where same sex marriages first was introduced back in 2001: The Netherlands.

The four Dutch teenagers facing court for attacking a gay couple will not be charged with a hate crime, the public prosecution has said.

Jasper and Ronnie Vernes-Sewratan were hospitalised after the attack in April, when they were walking hand in hand in Arnhem, the Netherlands. 

The attackers, who were all aged between 14 and 16, will instead be charged with assault.

They reportedly screamed homophobic abuse at the couple, who were returning from a night out, before violently assaulting them both.

Ronnie was struck with a bolt-cutter, and lost four teeth.

“The investigation has not shown that discrimination or hatred of homosexuals was the reason behind the attack,” the public prosecution said in a statement today.

“Given the interest in the media and the public impression of what happened, the prosecutor will outline the reasoning during the trial.”

The accused will appear in court on December 19, in a closed-door hearing.


1 years ago

Note, that these teenagers weren't exactly Dutch... I guess, that's the reason it wasn't considered a hate crime.


1 years ago

That is horrible...