GLXY 4 - information about the next version

17 Dec, 2017
Here is a little update from us at GLXY in Tartu, Estonia, concerning the upcoming version of GLXY. It will be our 4th big update.

First and foremost, the next version of GLXY will be a total re-write of the platform's code. The whole code will be re-written, line by line by two of our excellent developers, Olexandr Vovchok and Senka Ibrahimpasic.

The current programming code is made in a framework called Laravel. At the time we launched the 3rd version of GLXY, in the fall of 2016, Laravel was a good choice in the current stage that we were in. Back then we had about 6.000 users, and now we’ve already reached 15.000. We soon learned that Laravel was not the best option for huge social networks like ours, and had to find a different framework that more easily would tackle all the functionality and all the users that we have gained since our launch.

GLXY has been an incredibly huge project with dozens of different developers. Some of them weren’t as skilled as we wished, and a result of all the different people involved and the variety of the quality of work, we’ve spent thousands of hours on bug fixing.

The new version won’t have any magnificent changes at first sight, but it will work so much faster without any delays. The new framework we’re going to use is called (c#), and is an excellent choice for sites like GLXY and all the other social networks and news sites that the company behind GLXY runs here in Northern Europe.

What you will notice when the new version is launched is that GLXY will be much easier to navigate as we merge all the menus such as the start page, edit and picture upload into one modal. We do realize that the current version has been difficult to use for some, and that will be the most important change in the next version, as well as speeding up all the pages, and most of all, the chat functionality.

The re-writing started a couple of months ago, and should be ready during the first couple of months of 2018. Probably in February/March 2018.

Our biggest mistake with GLXY 3 was that we launched it way too soon and left the site with thousands of small bugs that we spent almost a year on fixing. We have learnt from our mistakes, and we’ve all become more professional when it comes to our development. This time, we’re not going to launch anything before it’s been beta tested by our team, as well as our users, to make sure that there won’t be any issues whatsoever.

If you have any wishes or ideas on things that you want us to change in the new version, then kindly let us know.

We’ve already said this a million times, so I might as well say it again: we’re making GLXY for you (our users), and the majority of the functionalities and changes that we do are based on user requests and ideas.

You might also have noticed that we have had less new users lately. The reason for that is that we have stopped advertising on Facebook and Google until the new version is launched. As soon as the new version is on, you will all notice that the usage of the site is back on a normal level.

We’ve already given the site a little design update. This is only the beginning. At the end, the site will look stunning, it will run smoothly and you’re all going to be thrilled.

Thank you all for being such a fantastic group of loyal users!