iOS users: update your GLXY app!

22 Dec, 2017
We have updated our iOS app (for iPhones). We encourage everyone to download the new version.

The last version of the app contained some unfortunate bugs. This has now been fixed, and we have uploaded a new version of the app to Apple’s App Store.

We improve our apps on a regular basis. Make sure to always have the last version in order to enjoy the app and all its functionalities.

Brand new version coming next year

We are happy to announce that we have started re-designing the existing GLXY app. Our main focus will be to make it easier to navigate and quickly find what you're looking for.

The third version of GLXY's app will be launched step by step to avoid bugs. Unlike the other times, we will invite some of our most dedicated users to test it the app and make sure that it's flawless before any release.

More info will come, so stay tuned!


1 years ago

Thanks for fixing it. Much better now!