Russia recognises gay marriage for the first time

27 Jan, 2018
Russia has recognised a gay marriage for the first time, in a move which shocked even the newlyweds involved.

Eugene Wojciechowski and Pavel Stotsko tied the knot on January 4 in Copenhagen, Denmark, in matching bow-ties. 

When they returned to Russia, they hoped – but did not expect – that their union would be seen as legal in their home country.

To their shock and delight, a government employee in Moscow stamped their passports with official confirmation of the marriage – and it took just five minutes.

Wojciechowski and Stotsko, speaking to independent Russian channel TV Rain, said that the staff member drew up the documents to validate their marriage “without superfluous questions.”

According to Russian law, weddings conducted abroad are legitimate if there is nothing “preventing the conclusion of marriage specified in Article 14 of the Family Code.”
This rule seems to contain a loophole which the newlyweds have taken advantage of.