ONLY on GLXY: Verified penis size!

26 Feb, 2018
From this week we are introducing a new feature on GLXY that has been requested for a very long time: verified penis size! We don’t know of any website in the world besides GLXY who has this feature. We’re really proud to be the first one!

First a little bit about how it works:

Just like with verified accounts, we are going to ask you to send a picture of your penis with a small, handwritten note saying your username in front of you, with a ruler to verify your size. The picture you send to us will only be seen by our staff members and it will verify your category (S, M, L, XL or XXL). For example, if it’s 20 cm, we will put a green check icon next to «XL» on your profile.

From this week, users can decide whether they want to receive messages from other members with verified penis size or not.

When putting this option on, you won’t be able to choose the size of your desire. You can only choose to receive messages from users with a verified penis size.

The new feature is 100 % optional.


10 months ago

Wtf xD