Time to say goodbye

26 Feb, 2018
Dear all GLXY users. Crundo.com (the technology company behind GLXY) has been the best workplace I’ve ever had. It’s been such a pleasure to get to know you, the users of this site. For my own safety, I can no longer work at GLXY.

Estonia is by all standards a very conservative country. I expected some annoyance when we launched Pervertly.com last summer, but I did not expect physical attacks, death threats and hateful messages on a weekly basis.

These actions were all committed by Estonians and it makes me really sad. I thought we were better than this. More than all, it saddens me that our Estonian users failed to respond to the hatred towards me and the sexual minorities on GLXY and Pervertly that I only tried to protect and teach you that no life's worth more than any other and that there's no such thing as what is okay to be turned on by and what is not.

Basically, people threatened to murder me and my family because I fought against stigma for people who for instance like to urinate on one another. I honestly can't understand why such a thing should provoke Estonian gays that much.

I really did my best, but I can no longer put up with this. It’s not fair to my girlfriend, and it’s not fair to my family. I am not strong enough to take this battle all by myself.

Therefore I am resigning from my position at Crundo.com.

I really hope someone else will be brave enough to fight the Estonian hatred between LGBTs towards sexual minorities such as trans and incesters. I think everyone deserves to be loved and to love, as long as it does not harm others.

I also hope that GLXY will be brave enough to be a site for everyone, despite their ideology or sexual orientation.

Now I will return to my ordinary life and hope that will result in less stalking near my home, death threats and psychical attacks.

Thank you.

Vera Valk.


18 days ago

Ignore arrogant haters and do what you enjoy. Take care :)


18 days ago

too bad that you are one of the haters, iangel


17 days ago

I am not hating her, go fuck yourself


17 days ago

so why did you upvote jaago's comment? she even commented that particular action herself. go see for yourself.


17 days ago

nobody in estonia likes you anyway. good that you are leaving! hosh-hosh away!


16 days ago

:( sad