Warned against not voting in homophobic video

28 Feb, 2018
A video widely distributed across social media in Russia is urging Russians to vote in the upcoming elections by showing an alternate reality where single gay people are assigned to families.

The video, which was shared on various social media platforms by a range of users, is set on the eve of the election and begins with a couple getting ready for bed.

The wife tells her husband, played by prominent Russian actor Sergei Burunov, she has set an alarm to get up to vote the next morning. He mockingly tells her her vote is not important, that they will choose someone without her and that she should turn off the alarm so they can have a lie in. They drift off to sleep.

He is awoken by a loud knock on the door and shouts of “comrade, open the door”. He opens it to find a military general alongside two soldiers, one of whom is black. They say they have come to enrol him in the army.

In disbelief, the lead actor tells them he is 52, to which the general replies: “Excellent, the conscription age has been raised to 60”. He adds that the President he voted for had changed the law.

The video continues with the husband entering his kitchen, where he discovers an actor portraying an effeminate gay man dressed in a pink T-shirt with tattoos, sitting at the table filing his nails.

He reacts with anger and shock as his wife explains that as part of the law, every family has to let a gay person who has been dumped stay with them until they find a new partner. She adds, that if he does not find someone new soon, “you will have to be with him instead”.

The actor depicting the gay man, who is eating a banana, adds: “The law is the law”.

It is unclear who created the video, which has been shared numerous times from various accounts across different social media platforms including YouTube, Instagram and Facebook over the last few days.