Hungary’s new LGBT site is coming in 2 months!

01 Mar, 2018
We already have launched (Estonia), (Latvia) and (Scandinavia), as well as (kink site) and (HIV site), to name a few. Next up is a Hungarian version. The site's features and functionalities will be identical to those you know from GLXY.

The name of the new site will be, and the launch date is May 15th.


7 months ago

since you make more and more sites would it be possible to make one for like Slovak nations or if the "market" is to small like Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Austria like these part of europe i think we miss a site like that ...i know i m sick of gayromeo and grindr xD


6 months ago

today is March 25 the page is not yet available


5 months ago

@slode That's definitely something we will consider if we see more users from your region finding their way to GLXY!


5 months ago

@nagymeret Hi :-) The site will be launched on May 15th. The name of the site is, and we will announce it here on GLXY. Hope you're going to use the new site!