We’re making changes in our organization

01 Mar, 2018
We are doing some structural changes in our organization. Basically, we will be separating finance/HR and web development into two separate departments.

Crundo.com will be the mother company of all our different products; websites, news sites, communities and online shops that we are running, and we’re going to divide these into 3 categories: Media, Communities and Shops.

The technology company we are running will be renamed to from Crundo.com to Wydal.com. The biggest change is that our developers are going to be employed in Wydal.com, and be responsible for all the technical aspects of our services, and the mother company, Crundo,com, will be in charge of finance.

Like before, Crondo's Finance and HR department will be located in Tallinn, Estonia, and the development company in Tartu, Estonia.

In other words: this is the name we are going to use in communication with our customers and users.

These changes will be effective from March 1st, (today), and we're telling you this simply because you're going to receive email support from Wydal.com when you have to email us.

Have a great day!