OSLOVE - Episode 5 - Why GLXY?

14 May, 2018
Art student Marcus (27) from Oslo has been struggling with drug use since his early childhood, and has tried almost every single drug there is, and lived on the streets of Oslo. In this new documentary series here on GLXY, we're going to follow his life for the next four months.

In the fifth episode of OSLOVE, Marcus is telling about why he chose to do this documentary for GLXY, and how important the site and its liberal values is for him. Marcus is passionate about equal rights for transsexuals, as well as consented incest love and prostitutes who are stigmatized and bullied.

GLXY's Oslo office will follow Marcus throughout the summer until the end of his rehab. Each episode will be published shortly after being filmed, and we're going to release one to two episodes per week.

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