BIG changes on GLXY!

26 Jun, 2018
GLXY has become more sexually oriented than our intentions were and we are admitting that GLXY’s Forum has had too many destructive topics and replies. We are going to change the Forum rules this summer, and will make sure that the debates that are debated are more mainstream. No more bitching, flaming and hurtful debates will no longer be allowed.

Encouraging to having more mainstream debates doesn’t mean that we are going to ban lots of debates. It simply means that we will be more clear about how we let our users reply to each, in a more decent way than before. The new rules will be a lot stricter, and in the long run, GLXY will be your number one site for building friendship and for dating. We will still offer sexually oriented debates, but these will have warnings.

GLXY is for everyone, and not only kinkers and other people with out of the ordinary need to create endless debates about dick sizes, but in order for us to change the environment around here, we need your help!

We already have more than 16.000 members on GLXY, and more and more people joins us every day. We have turned off our Facebook and Google Ads for the time being in order for the new version of GLXY to be finished

As as well creating a a brand new version of GLXY’s mobile and desktop version, will we create a brand new app.

We really would like to hear your inputs on how the new app should be like. The web and mobile’s back end code is almost finished, so now is time for you to tell us what you want to be improved.

We have really listened to our users on how we can improve the new version, and GLXY’s new project manager, Gregory Jakobson, is looking forward to make our community as awesome as possible. I am going to step back and work at Wydal, our development company with new and exciting projects. I've been working at GLXY for more than 2,5 years and it will be interesting for me to do something else for a while. Working with the same people with other projects is something that I find interesting and I can't wait to start!

With all the new fresh and user friendly coding which we’ve working on for almost one year, we are really, really, really excited to be able to show you the results in the nearest future