Meet our newest employee, Anders!

26 Jun, 2018
Anders has been struggling with social anxiety and has been unemployed for almost 30 years. He turned 60 years old last year and has been a trainee at GLXY's Scandinavian Customer Support division during this spring. Now he's ready to start working, and he can't wait for just you to call or email!

We at GLXY believe in giving people without work experience an opportunity to feel like they're a part of our society by working and contributing.

Anders is taking the calls and responding to emails from our users in Scandinavia, and he already loves working at GLXY!

- The opportunity you gave me is just amazing. I no longer feel isolated and I can actually make a difference in people's lives as GLXY did in my life by giving me the chance to work for them.

A longer interview with Anders will be published at the end of the week.


10 months ago

This is great